Breakfast at The Kitchen Table, W Hotel Bangkok

I love a good hotel breakfast - there's no other way to start the day right (except maybe a kayak trip to a nearby empty island, but then the hotel breakfast would definitely come after that). I love its seemingly limitless gastronomic possibilities, and always hope that it's an optimistic parallel to the day it headlines.

I had a great time staying at The W Bangkok, and one of the main reasons for my rather enjoyable stay was the breakfast at The Kitchen Table. Great food with a wide variety of options, the stylish presentation of the food and the relaxed yet posh ambience - I looked forward to waking up early every morning knowing I was going to start my day with a hearty meal. 

Explore a bit more of The Kitchen Table at The W Hotel Bangkok under the cut!

Every morning at The Kitchen Table, guests are greeted by a massive spread of scrumptious pastries. I think the area is called The Pantry.

I loved the pretty jars some of the food came in.

More pretty jars with healthy and delicious looking food and drinks.

The fruit and juice bar

The green drink is guava juice - it was my favorite! It reminded me of my childhood, spending afternoons at my grandparents' house and eating guava we got from the tree in the backyard.

And I shall name this spot The Bacon Corner - because no breakfast is complete without bacon (and okay, maybe the proximity will also entice you to eat a bit of the vegetables).

I don't think I was ever able to try the food above, but I did love the hakao / hakaw they served - it definitely deserves a spot or two on your plate!

W Hotel Bangkok
106 North Sathorn Road,
Silom, Bangrak, Silom / Sathorn,
Bangkok, Thailand 10500
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