How to Stay Safe During a Trip to Cambodia - Things to Look Out for

Cambodia is a country that many of us dream of visiting, but one mistake that we typically make is failing to consider the harsher realities. Traveling to a foreign country can be a great experience, as long as you research the place you are visiting and do all of your homework ahead of time.
First of all, consider the costs and think it well through, as there are many opportunities to save. Check all the options for airfare and accommodation to have a wide choice, and remember to prepare whatever you can beforehand, as with coupons for Target from such places as Discountrue  or other online services you will be able to do that on a budget. However, that is just half the battle, so read on to learn more about the important tips you'll need to make your trip to Cambodia a safe one!
Keep Your Valuables and Cash Hidden
Cameras are a common item that is stolen from tourists, so if you must walk around with yours, be sure to stash it in a place that cannot be easily accessed by pickpockets. Hide the gear in a deep pocket, but make sure it is within reach for any photo opportunities that might present themselves.
Don't allow yourself to stumble around with a map in mind, either. Learn where you are going ahead of time. Pickpockets know all of the telltale signs of a tourist. When you head out, keep as much of your money and valuables back in the hotel room as possible, as a person who looks like they are carrying a lot of cash can become a target.
Watch Out For Open Buildings
Many Cambodian nightclubs and buildings are constructed with maximum openness in mind. The nation has a very humid climate and as a result, their infrastructure provides as many open spaces as possible. Unfortunately, this provides a perfect atmosphere for thieves to run amok, stealing wallets and purses from unsuspecting tourists who do not realize they are under siege.

And if you are thinking that you can catch a thief, good luck. The Cambodian streets are a labyrinth, one that is very hard for newbies to navigate. When you decide to enjoy Cambodian nightlife, be sure to select seats that allow you to rest your back up against the wall and avoid bringing important documents with you, such as your passport.
Don't Be Too Friendly
Be careful of who you strike up a conversation with. Most Cambodians speak fluent English, which causes tourists to let their guard down. If one thief or con artist sees you engaged in conversation, they are very likely to come join. Once they have latched onto you, it is unlikely that they will leave you alone.
Should you suspect that a scam is heading your way, simply pretend that you don't speak English. If a criminal is unable to establish any form of communication with you, they will be left with no choice but to leave you alone. This works especially well for all of the bilingual travelers out there. Good luck! 

Travel to India: Tips to Stay Safe

From the ancient era, foreign travelers have come and explored India in different ways, its natural beauty, rich culture, astonishing architects; Indian cuisines are prime attractions of the travelers. India is considered one of the significant historical countries where almost each state has carried historical data and historical relic. To make India trip safe, travelers should contact real estate agents, or they can meet property dealers or property brokers to get a house in a safe place.

Actually recent day’s property business has been emerged sharply; there are a lot of people who are involved in this business and deal with property. Currently people prefer to buy a well finished house where they would get all kinds of facility, from car parking to security, each and everything has been available. In busy schedule, buyers do not want to take extra burden or responsibility, so readymade housing complexes and apartments are convenient options for them. In this case they would be offered two options one well furnished room and without furnishing room. In case of furnished room, they would get a complete house, where necessary furniture and essential stuffs are there. And non-furnished room, where buyers have to set up and decorate their house as per their choice and budget.  A lot of property dealers who are ready to assist the buyers in this area.

 Features of the house:

Property brokers are the middlemen who maintain the communication between buyers and sellers. They have played important role in negotiation. In India, a lot of modern housing complexes are being built which have equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Interior and exterior design of the housing apartment is completely new and trendy. Its modern look, contemporary arrangements make the complex different. Real estate agents are giving buyers numerous options, according to requirements and budget, buyers can avail their house, 2BHK, and 3BHK houses are available in the market and once you contact property brokers, they would help you to negotiate the price of the house, even you would get legal advices from them also. Generally across the India, buyers would get various alternatives such as small apartments, spacious apartments, low budget housing complexes and luxury complexes. So all you need to do is to contact convenient property dealers, speak to them and try to explain you preference, now it is their responsibility to seek an apt and suitable house for you.

Builders profile:
Across the country there are a lot of small and giant organizations who are building the housing complexes, some of them are eminent builders who have been working in this sectors more than forty years. Their work, innovative idea, and sincerity are globally acknowledged. They have already shown their work of art by creating outstanding housing complex or commercial space.

So if anyone is planning to visit India or stay in India, but do not understand how to get a convenient house, is requested to contact Indian real estate agents, they would help him/her to obtain a house in suitable place. Visitors are requested do not need to worry, as Indian real-estate companies are giving you top quality apartment which not only best quality but also you can stay safe and secured.

SMTOWN at COEX Artium Virtual Tour, Part 1: Celebrity Shop, Official Goods and Merchandise

58, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Directions / How to get there:
Take Seoul Subway Line 2 (Green Line), get off at Samseong Station, Exit 6. COEX is directly connected to the subway station.

My friend and I got to check out the SMTOWN complex at the Coex Artium during our recent trip to Seoul for the new year holiday. It will only officially open on January 13 so we didn't get the whole experience, but there was already plenty to see when we went.

The complex is made up of 6 floors:

1F - Welcome Stage
2F - SUM: Celebrity Shop, Artist Goods, Artist Picks, Gifts)
3F -  SMTOWN Studio: Music Video, Photo, Recording, Hair & Make up, Vocal, Dance
4F - SMTOWN Liverary (lol): Cafe, Music, Media, Books, Special Goods
5F - SMTOWN Theatre: Hologram Theatre, Community Hall, Interactive Amusement
6F - SMTOWN Theatre: 3D Printing

I took a whole lot of pictures so I'm cutting this virtual tour up into two parts. On this post I'll be sharing pictures of the celebrity shop and the official goods they sold. Enjoy!

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