48 Hours in Hong Kong: Phoenix Live at AsiaWorld Expo, 19 January 2014

I was supposed to write this elaborate post about my 48 hours in Hong Kong but that will have to wait, because I can't contain my excitement and have to post about the main reason why I flew to Hong Kong in the first place: the Phoenix concert!

This is mainly a photodump, and I don't think I'll be able to write a full-fledged fan account anymore, so hopefully the pictures below tell the story of how epic the concert was.

I also went to their concert in Manila last night, which was crazy! All of Manila seemed to be there and the band seemed pretty happy with the massive crowd. Everyone was singing along and when Thomas left the stage and ran through the audience everyone went wild. Solid night! Thank you Captain Morgan Philippines for one of the best concerts I've ever been to!

Sending a hello to Chau, whom I met at the Hong Kong concert. I was on my own so I was really glad to have found someone to fangirl with! Hope you like the pictures!

Start the New Year Right (and Healthy) with Juju Eats!

The start of a new year often means new resolutions, and a lot of holiday weight gained over the last month of the previous year. Nothing quite disproves the saying "past is past" like the holiday weight that spills over your jeans and threatens to tear apart your shirt sleeves after Christmas. Clearly, you did not leave your family's noche buena in the past.

Fortunately, many helpful souls (and enterprising individuals) have made it easier for people to start the year right. Detoxing is all the rage in Manila now, because it's a quick way to kick start a healthy new year and to lose a bit of weight.

Located along Pasong Tamo extension in Makati is a dieter's heaven - Juju Eats. They serve fresh, healthy food and juices that taste pretty good, making it a lot easier (and enjoyable) to eat healthy. 

2013: Lessons Learned from the Road

So I'm starting 2014 with a 2013 year-end post that's five days late, but I'm cutting myself some slack because as it turns out, I've been writing year-end posts since 2006. Over the holidays I was too busy being lazy (hehe) and just didn't have the drive to blog. I don't want to make excuses so early in the year, so maybe we just let this one go, yes?

Anyway, as this is my 8th year-end post (and that fact doesn't make me feel old at all), I'm running out of ideas on how to make this different from the previous year. I had half a mind to just make a picture collage from my trips, but 2013 had been such a great year and it deserves much more than that. I thereby present my last minute attempt (and last ditch effort) at a creative concept, in which I share with you five things I learned from the road to sum up all my travels from the year that was.

A blessed and fruitful new year and new travels to all of us!

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