Snapshots: It's Not Easy, Being A KPop Star, Singapore get hoisted meters and meters above a stadium amidst girls screaming in a myriad of languages. I guess it's kind of badass too. Good for you, SHINee! (I can't believe I didn't fly out for MGMT but I flew out for you! Haha.)

Snapshots: Pool Envy, Singapore

I was in Singapore for a packed week-long training session, and this was our view from the breakfast buffet.

Snapshots: Forgotten Surfboards, Baler

Emil and I found them while exploring the resort we stayed in. He was looking for hot girls, I was looking for cute guys, this is what we found.

Snapshots: Unfortunate Timing, Seoul, Korea

Would've wanted to explore this store we found while we were walking around the Bukchon Han Ok area, but it was closed. Maybe next time. 

Snapshots: Butterflies, Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang

There were so many butterflies gliding around, forming these graceful flowing lines all around us outside the gates to Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos. It was so hard to take proper pictures of them though!

Snapshots: Wasabi Kit Kit

It's so elusive, I was starting to believe it was an urban myth. 

Snapshots: Skew U! Kapitolyo, Philippines

Angus Beef Tapa meal for PhP 98 at Skew U! Check them out in Kapitolyo. 

Snapshots: It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere In The World

It's already past 1 am in Manila on 6th June, and I'm putting up my post for 5th June. Late I know, I couldn't catch a break at work and had a great dinner with some friends I haven't seen in a while, so I went home later than I expected. But I'm still posting this because I figured, somewhere elsewhere in the world, it's still Tuesday, just like at any given time, somewhere around the world, it's happy hour. Hence the Beerlao photo. 

Does that make sense? 

Also, local beer and shirts with local beer brands for designs - I'm definitely not the first traveler who's been caught up in their strange allure, but I'd still like to explore why they're so fun to buy. Remind me to write about that another time.

Snapshots: Beef Maki Mi

Another tasty treat to help you keep warm and fuzzy on a cold rainy day. :)

Snapshots: Tom Yum, DeKa Restaurant

It's been rainy and gloomy in Manila the past few days, so a warm bowl of spicy Tom Yun sounds like a good idea for a late Sunday lunch.

Snapshots: Alms Giving Ceremony, Luang Prabang, Laos

We had to wake up early for this, but we didn't mind. More about Laos soon. I should really find time to write, but I had to come to work today. -_-

Snapshots: Backpacker, Angor Wat, Cambodia

I wonder when I will witness a sunset in Angkor Wat again. 
It's nearly the end of another work week! I can't wait for the weekend. 
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