Summer 2011, Boracay & Kota Keluarga, Philippines

After a long hiatus, I'm blogging again, and this post comes to you from the beautiful, party-lined shores of Boracay where I am spending the weekend! I'm typing this while hanging out in one of the cabanas at Sur, the resort we're staying at. The sun has almost completely set, but the sky is still tinged with that orange glow I love so much. Sadly it's back to Manila for us tomorrow afternoon but it's all good - I'm off to Dive and Trek for our annual family beach trip next weekend.

Bora is picturesque any time of the day:

This summer is shaping up to be an awesome one! And the beach trips started early too - about two weeks ago my mom celebrated her 50th birthday at Kota Keluarga in San Juan, Laiya, and I got to bring my friends to the weekend getaway.

It was a gloomy weekend weather-wise, but still super fun and relaxing:

So while I haven't been blogging, it hasn't been because I haven't got anything to blog about - quite the contrary, in fact, except there just hasn't been enough time in the day to actually blog about them. And well, fine - I'll admit it, what with work being so exciting lately and after having met a new set of crazy friends and just, everything that's been going on, I've been a little distracted, in a good way. I guess I have to live my life first before I can write about it, right?

To everyone in the Philippines, hope your summer's been a good one so far!
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