Gambling And Then Some: 5 Things To Do In Macau Besides Rolling The Dice

Gambling in Macau has become such big business that it is now considered the world's Mecca for gambling and the preferred destination for top gambling getaways after consistently beating Las Vegas in earnings.

And while there's plenty of fun to be had with Lady Luck in Macau's top casinos, there's more to Macau than high stakes and neon lights. Read on for five unique activities to do in Macau in case you ever feel the need to spend your winnings, mourn your losses, or simply take a break from rolling the dice.

The Luang Prabang Local Market In Fine Detail

Whenever I travel, I always get amazed at how some places lend themselves so easily to great photographs. Hoi An, Seoul and virtually any beach in the Philippines are the photogenic places that instantly come to mind from my travels. Though I am by no means a professional,I love taking pretty pictures, the kind that can hold a memory of a moment intact long after that moment and that adventure has passed. I love looking at pictures I took from my travels and being reminded of how it felt to be there, what the weather was like, what I was listening to, who I was with.

Jen and I finding the Luang Prabang local market was by all means a moment of serendipity. Every traveler has one of those - you take a wrong turn in a little alley and find yourself not in the place you were headed for, but in a place you prefer much more anyway. We had just witnessed the alms giving ritual very early in the morning, and were looking for some breakfast and coffee to wake us up. Eventually we found ourselves in a little alley with stalls and stores that sold the most interesting things. Local markets are always vibrant and full of life, which is probably why they make such ideal settings for interesting photographs.

I took so many photos of the Luang Prabang local market but these are perhaps my favorites. They don't capture the entirety of the market, but instead its little details - from writhing live insects, spices with colors as rich as their flavors, to the most delicious deep-fried sausages. 

Travel Playlist: Road Trip Music from Mausi and Phoenix

It's Getaway Friday - gateway to the weekend, and the perfect time to take those keys and drive off to the nearest faraway beach! Here are some tracks to get you in a beachin' (and not bitchin') kind of mood from synth-driven Mausi and the legendary Phoenix.

A Beginner's Guide to Korean Street Food: 5 Delicious Snacks To Try in Seoul

I've only been to Seoul, South Korea twice, and I'm sure their street food scene has a whole lot more to offer on top of the five treats I will feature here. But if it's your first time in Seoul, trying out these five street food snacks would be a good way to start your Korean food trip. And remember my piece of advice about ordering food in a foreign country: smile, keep an open mind, trust the friendly ajumma, hope for the best, prepare to laugh at the worst, and you might just be rewarded with a surprisingly good meal.

Churro 101: Better Than A Boyfriend in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

Nope, the title isn't an attempt by me to make fun of my own bitterness, but it is in fact the tagline that Churro 101 has made for itself, and one you'd be hard pressed to forget.

4 Alternative Destinations To Visit Outside Seoul (Part 2)

[Read Part 1 here.]

After YongPyong Ski Resort and Jukjeon Cafe Street on Part 1 of this 2-part feature, here are two more alternative destinations to visit outside of Seoul. The best part? It would only take a day to visit both destinations!

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