Random Travel Tip #02: Yearly Promo Fares and Seat Sales in Asia

Promo fares and seat sales by various airlines in Asia abound in November:

This week alone, I've already booked three trips - all on promo rates - for 2010. I guess that settles it - here's to another year of travel!

(Speaking of which, I am looking for people to travel with to Calaguas Island, Daet, Camarines Norte on Feb. 5-7, 2010. Booked a PhP 1,000.00 flight to Naga on a whim. Contact me if you're looking for a travel buddy! :D)

Snapshots: Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin, Philippines

As a late Halloween post, an on-time All Saints' Day feature and an early All Souls' Day commemoration, this week's photo is one I took of the Sunken Cemetery in the island of Camiguin, Philippines.

The cemetery was buried underwater after a volcanic eruption in the island in 1871. Over a century later, a huge cross was installed to mark the location of the cemetery. You can actually take a boat and reach the platform where the giant cross is built, and from there, if the tide is low, you can look out into the water and make out some of the tombstones that were buried during the eruption - either that, or my eyes were playing tricks on me when we visited.

Random Travel Trip #01: Cebu Pacific Updates on Twitter

It pays to follow Cebu Pacific on Twitter. Otherwise, like my friends and I, you miss out on ALL the promo (aka "Piso Fare") seats.

I haven't been updating, I know, my sincerest apologies! A write-up is coming your way very soon, I promise. :)
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