Revisiting the excitement of Macau

 My travels have certainly taken me to some wild and wonderful places, but one of my most enjoyable trips has to be my excursion to Macau. This dazzling Chinese enclave has certainly attracted a lot of global attention thanks to its booming gambling industry, and whilst I previously took a look at some of Macau’s alternative offerings, it’s hard to deny the sheer vitality of Macau’s casino culture.

So I’ve been checking upon on the latest developments in Macau’s casino scene to see how it’s adapting to increased competition from digital casinos providing alternative gambling options like online lotto, as well as some of its more garish entertainment offerings!

Despite the economic slowdown a few years ago, it still seems like Macau is a construction site that’s constantly adding some seriously spectacular casino resorts that are all outdoing each other in architectural extravagance.

A quick look at the skyline of the Cotai Strip reveals a glimmering selection of skyscrapers that are jostling for position in providing the most dazzling gambling experience. My favourite building has to be the immense Studio City Macau which forms a massive arc of towering skyscrapers - perfect for grabbing a good selfie in front of!

But there’s so many other architectural gems to enjoy when wandering the streets of Macau, from the futuristic designs of the MGM Cotai, to the gaudy old-world charms of the Grand Lisboa Palace - and definitely don’t miss the mini Eiffel Tower at the Parisian Macau!

What’s clear from these new casino resorts is that they’re fighting a tough battle to stave off the intense competition from online competitors like Coral who have a lottery offering that can be played just about anywhere from a smartphone which is seriously hard to beat for sheer convenience.

And it’s not just the gambling options that Macau is upgrading in its bid to retain its position as the number one global casino destination, as resorts like Broadway Macau have endeavoured to deliver a family-friendly holiday experience with carnivals, live music shows and special culinary extravaganzas that give you just one more chance to experience the delights of Macau street food!

In addition to this is the fascinating news that there’s expected to be a Hollywood-style movie theme park built in the enclave in 2018, which suggests that despite the innovations in online lotto gaming, Macau is finding some pretty interesting ways to make new revenues!

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