4 Korean-Inspired Cafes in Manila and Ortigas, Philippines

My idea of the perfect lazy day is to spend it in a cute cafe. The coffee and the food don't have to be particularly spectacular - for a lazy day at a cafe, I find the ambiance to be of utmost importance instead: somewhere relaxing, with pretty interiors and good music (a cute barista wouldn't hurt either).

In spite of our hectic Seoul-all-you-can itinerary the last time we went to South Korea, we managed to find time to visit Jukjeon Cafe Street and Hongdae and explore a few quaint cafes, which I loved. I love Korean cafes. They're like Kpop idols - cute, sometimes quirky, and usually pretty. If it weren't impractical I would be happy to fly to Seoul for a long weekend and do nothing else but go cafe-hopping.

Seems I'm not the only one who's grown fond of Korean cafes, because currently there are four cafes in Manila that all have the cool Korean cafe vibe. Two are conveniently near my place which is perfect, and the other two are a bit of a drive but definitely worth it! Check them out under the cut, and maybe with some background music care of f(x) and EXO's D.O.? Enjoy!

Current favorite Kpop song. Squishy Do Kyungsoo FTW!

Cafe de Seoul
Unit 12, 2/F
One Archer's Place Building
Manila, Philippines


What to love
The big space, the bright interiors, the little details: post-its on the wall, cute padlocks no doubt inspired by the ones in Namsan Tower, the hampers they offer for you to put your stuff in. There's free WiFi, and they have Galaxy Tabs that anyone can use free of charge. Apparently they offer free printing services and charging stations too!

What to eat
The waffles! Their mochi-like rice cakes and frozen drinks look delicious too, but I've yet to try them.


Cafe Noriter
2nd Flr. Reyes Bldg.,
Estrada St. cor. Taft Ave.,
Malate, Philippines


What to love:
The artsy, creative vibe, the relaxed feel of the place, and the loft area! The quirky details of the restroom are adorable too. There's free WiFi, so you can Instagram all your cute photos of the place on the spot!

What to eat:
I love their Kiwi smoothie and their ham and egg sandwich. Honey bread isn't popular in the Philippines the way it is in Korea so it's a fairly unique item and therefore a must-try in their menu.

Mr. Park's Bread & Cake
Ground Floor, Eton Emerald ave., cor. Garnet st., 
Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City
(but they have a number of branches around Manila

mrparkbreadcake@gmail.com (they're open to franchising)

What to love:
Their branches are open 24/7, there's free WiFi and lots of outlets to plug in your gadgets. Their staff are really nice and friendly too! One time I was at their Ortigas branch, and just when my orders arrived I realized that I had left my phone in the car. I was on my own and had no one to watch my stuff, so I asked the staff if I could leave my laptop for a bit so I could run to my car and get my phone. They were nice enough to oblige and watched over my stuff while I was away. It would've been unnecessary really because the place seems very safe and it didn't seem like the type of place where people would get other people's stuff, but I really appreciated it!

What to eat:
My favorite is the Nunetine, a kind of puff pastry stick, and their patbingsoo seems to be a bestseller (I've yet to try it though because it's too big and I've no one to share it with! TT). Their cakes also look so adorable! 

Subspace Coffeehouse
Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower,
F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, 1606 Pasig

What to love:
All the Kpop they play! Also the friendly staff, the ever-changing and constantly evolving details of the place and its cozy interiors. They also offer free WiFi. I hate to play favorites, but admittedly I go to Subspace most often out of the 4 cafes I listed here. ^_^

What to eat:
I love their salmon and egg turnover, the spam and mustard sandwich, and their dark chocolate mint drink. They are also well known for their trademark purple potato lattes.

Found a cute cafe in the city? I hope you can drop me a note to let me know about it because I really love discovering unique cafes - they drive my creativity and are a source of inspiration. Thanks! ^_^ 

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