Gambling And Then Some: 5 Things To Do In Macau Besides Rolling The Dice

Gambling in Macau has become such big business that it is now considered the world's Mecca for gambling and the preferred destination for top gambling getaways after consistently beating Las Vegas in earnings.

And while there's plenty of fun to be had with Lady Luck in Macau's top casinos, there's more to Macau than high stakes and neon lights. Read on for five unique activities to do in Macau in case you ever feel the need to spend your winnings, mourn your losses, or simply take a break from rolling the dice.

1. Bungee Jump in Macau Tower

Feeling like the king of the world after making a killing at the casino? Take a plunge in the world's highest commercial bungee jump for an even greater adrenaline rush. It will cost you more than a few dollars, but the memory and that feeling of free falling? Priceless.

2. Get a Taste of Macau's Unique Culinary Treats

With Chinese and Portuguese influences, the food in Macau is surely a delight to the taste buds. From luxurious fine dining restaurants to hidden hole-in-the-walls and local street food, there are plenty of options to satisfy a foodie's craving for a culinary adventure.

3. Learn about Macau's History and Culture

A melting pot of eastern and western influences thanks to its unique history, explore Macau's rich history and culture by visiting its many landmarks. Learn about the different religions practiced by its people and the history that shaped why Macau is the way it is today.

4. Ogle at the Opulence!

Ever wonder about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous? Visit Macau's many luxurious hotels for a glimpse of how the other half live: marble floors adorned with gold bars, intricate ceiling artwork, a store for every luxury brand you could think of. You might even spot an actual celebrity on holiday, if you're lucky!

5. Discover Macau's Local Side

Looking for something a little ways away from the tourist traps? Jump off the hotel shuttle and take a walk to the other side of Macau - quiet streets, quaint gardens and parks, little eateries, and random street art.

If you only had a day to spend in Macau, what would you do? 
(I would highly recommend the bungee jump, but that's just me).


Riz said...

One of my biggest regret is being a coward and did not try bunjee jumping when I visited Macau :( Great Post! :)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi Riz! You should try it the next time you go! Seriously, it'll change your outlook in life. :)

Thanks for the comment and the visit! :)

Nick said...

I love that city. This city drive me crazy. I want to give an advice for travelers that want to spend some time for gambling. There are a lot of places where you should be.

Anonymous said...

I like their culture!1!!

Anonymous said...

Gambling is a great field! But only for brave. For those people who can control themselves.

rootcasino Serbia said...

Super article!!!

rootcasino Serbia said...

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