Start the New Year Right (and Healthy) with Juju Eats!

The start of a new year often means new resolutions, and a lot of holiday weight gained over the last month of the previous year. Nothing quite disproves the saying "past is past" like the holiday weight that spills over your jeans and threatens to tear apart your shirt sleeves after Christmas. Clearly, you did not leave your family's noche buena in the past.

Fortunately, many helpful souls (and enterprising individuals) have made it easier for people to start the year right. Detoxing is all the rage in Manila now, because it's a quick way to kick start a healthy new year and to lose a bit of weight.

Located along Pasong Tamo extension in Makati is a dieter's heaven - Juju Eats. They serve fresh, healthy food and juices that taste pretty good, making it a lot easier (and enjoyable) to eat healthy. 

So far they only have the one branch in Makati, and it's a little out of the way for most people unless you work in the area. Thankfully, though, they deliver via City Delivery, so their delicious wraps, salads, and juices are just a phone call away!

Inside Juju Eats you'll find a long counter with all the fresh ingredients they make their food with. There's hardly any meat among the ingredients you'll find on the counter, but the many colors and fresh-looking vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients will still make your mouth water. You can even watch the staff prepare your orders for you.

Choose from their wide array of dressing options

 Try their juices!

With the amount of ingredients they offer, I'm not surprised that there are 5,000 different combinations you can try at Juju Eats, but don't get overwhelmed - you can start by ordering something on the menu. And when you're ready, you can order a DIY wrap or salad! I actually haven't graduated to making my own, because the Crispy Catfish is my ultimate favorite - I can't get enough of the stuff!

Juju Eats
G/F BCS Building 2297
Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Makati City


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"Starting the New Year Right (and Healthy) with Juju Eats!" sets the perfect tone for a fresh and nourishing beginning. Juju Eats presents an array of vibrant, nutrient-packed offerings that cater to wellness enthusiasts aiming to kickstart their year with wholesome choices. From invigorating salads bursting with flavor to revitalizing smoothie bowls brimming with goodness, Juju Eats curates a menu that embodies health without compromising on taste. The emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients combined with innovative recipes underscores their commitment to fostering a healthier lifestyle. With its delightful array of options and a commitment to wellness, Juju Eats proves to be the ideal ally for anyone seeking a vibrant start to a healthier year ahead.

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