48 Hours in Hong Kong: Phoenix Live at AsiaWorld Expo, 19 January 2014

I was supposed to write this elaborate post about my 48 hours in Hong Kong but that will have to wait, because I can't contain my excitement and have to post about the main reason why I flew to Hong Kong in the first place: the Phoenix concert!

This is mainly a photodump, and I don't think I'll be able to write a full-fledged fan account anymore, so hopefully the pictures below tell the story of how epic the concert was.

I also went to their concert in Manila last night, which was crazy! All of Manila seemed to be there and the band seemed pretty happy with the massive crowd. Everyone was singing along and when Thomas left the stage and ran through the audience everyone went wild. Solid night! Thank you Captain Morgan Philippines for one of the best concerts I've ever been to!

Sending a hello to Chau, whom I met at the Hong Kong concert. I was on my own so I was really glad to have found someone to fangirl with! Hope you like the pictures!

From a mess to the masses!

 The aftermath

 Your Mum Music, the event organizer, gave away posters at the end of the show. They also sold shirts, and I wore the one I bought to my flight home. That's one thing to check off my bucket list: fly to another country to watch a concert and come back with the concert shirt on. Done! 

I only have a few photos from the Manila concert, but I'll try to post them here soon. :)

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