Spending Saturday Night in Makati, Philippines: El Chupacabra, Tonkatsuya, The Exit, The Curator, Blind Pig

I live in Ortigas and work in The Fort, so coming to Makati isn't a very common occurence. I hadn't spent a Saturday night in Makati in ages, but a few weekends back and just this weekend, my friends and I decided to change things up a bit and check out a few places that you couldn't find anywhere else but in Makati. From street tacos to bespoke cocktails to some awesome katsu, check out these only-in-Makati joints!

El Chupacabra
5782 Felipe Street, 1210 Makati
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Nestled within a residential area away from Makati's glitzy business district, this streetside hole-in-the-wall is a great place for a few drinks and some tacos. El Chupacabra's laidback and unpretentious setup reminded me of the little eateries we ate in while backpacking in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Their street tacos are affordable and delicious - the Gonzo Chicken Adobo is quite memorable!

Lengua - PhP 120

Gonzo Chicken Adobo - PhP 90

Carnitas - PhP 90

Thank you Aldous for the photo!

Makati Speakeasy Crawl - The Curator, The Exit, Blind Pig

There's been a recent trend of new "secret" drinking places around the city, and I've spent a few nights with friends and co-workers walking through the streets of Makati to find them and have a drink (or two) in each. The good thing about The Exit, The Curator, and Blind Pig is that they're within walking distance from each other - you just need to know where to find them. You can read up on The Exit here and check out The Curator's Facebook Page for tips on how to get started on your speakeasy adventure.

Palm Tower B, Saint Paul Road, Makati
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I've only been to Tonkatsuya once, on a random work night after a quick trade check with friends from work. I'm eager to go back for their delicious katsu, sold at half the price compared to the ones at the popular mall-based katsu places. Like El Chupacabra, Tonkatsuya is a small hole-in-the-wall and it's also located within a residential area in Makati. If you're having trouble finding the place, Waze it! A generous soul (no doubt a foodie) has thankfully marked its location in the app, and that's how we found the place.

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