Dirty White Jazz: RAC and Classixx! (A La Union Soul Surf Playlist)

I drive a white Honda Jazz that unfortunately I don't get to take to the car wash as often as I should. I do, however, love taking it on relaxed long drives, often on my own, with a lot of good music to keep me company - hence the title of this series of posts. I love music of all kinds, and love putting them together in playlists that help me build memories. Often I associate a song or a series of songs to a certain trip or a specific moment from that trip, kind of like a soundtrack to a movie. In these posts I will be sharing the music that I listen to during my travels, from all-time faves to newfound loves and one hit wonder flings. In some of these posts you'll find a download link to the entire mixtape for your own listening pleasure. I would also love to hear your music recommendations - I'm always on the hunt for new songs to listen to when I travel!  

I've consistently loaded my previous playlists with songs from RAC and Classixx, and this time around, because they're headlining La Union Soul Surf in October, I'm dedicating an entire playlist just for their music! It was difficult keeping this one to twenty some tracks because they have so many amazing songs, so I highly recommend you check out their SoundCloud pages (here for RAC and here for Classixx), because there's plenty more where this playlist came from. Enjoy!

Music player won't load? Check out the playlist here instead.

For more info on La Union Soul Surf, check out www.launionsoulsurf.com


killerfillers said...

Love RAC!! We'll be goingto LU kaso 2 weeks earlier. Sayang.:/ Anyhoo are you going to watch Phoenix in SG early next year?

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Aww, sayang you'll miss Soul Surf! I'm really only going to catch RAC and Classixx. No actualy surfing for me. Haha!

About Phoenix, I'll probably go to the Hong Kong one! Super nagfreak out ako when I found out! I can't waaaait!

Jone Martin said...

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