Churro 101: Better Than A Boyfriend in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

Nope, the title isn't an attempt by me to make fun of my own bitterness, but it is in fact the tagline that Churro 101 has made for itself, and one you'd be hard pressed to forget.

I had seen a few posts about Churro 101 while I did research before our trip to Seoul, but given the numerous little cafes and eateries scattered all over Hongdae, I never actually thought I would chance upon it. As fate would have it, however, on the last day of our trip we came upon a random wooden staircase and the the shop's sign beckoned us single girls to have a look at the place and a taste of its delectable, handmade churros.

Churro 101 is a tiny, tiny place whose entire menu pretty much only contains various kinds and flavors of churros. I'm quite amazed at how all these little specialty shops could survive in Seoul - is rent particularly affordable (I highly doubt it though), or are there just really a lot of patrons who support independent entrepreneurs? I wish it were the same way for Manila, and thankfully I think this independent, one-of-a-kind shop culture is starting to get a following here, especially in places like Kapitolyo.

Churro 101 is manned by just one person, and he takes your order, makes the churros from scratch and serves them himself. As we waited for our orders, I noticed a large metal cauldron of Spanish hot chocolate beside the counter that promised a lot of good, good things to come. And they did. The churros were delectable! We ordered several kinds but I particularly devoured liked the original and the sugar coated ones because they were perfect for dipping into the chocolate. I didn't quite favor the cheesy churros and their matching garlic and/or sour cream dip but my friends (particularly Mabs) liked them. I guess our very empty plate (which was actually a wooden chopping board - I quite liked their food presentation style) was a testament to how there was a churro perfect for each one of us. I kind of wish we could've said the same for Korean boys. ^^

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Unknown said...

Wow those churros look so good! What set did you order and do you know what's price? Thank you, can't wait to try it soon hehe :)

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