Snapshots: Sort of a Celebrity Sighting, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Has anyone else stayed at this hostel in Phnom Penh? It's called Fancy Guest House, probably on account of its Fancy Guests, like the one pictured above. This was the photo I was talking about in yesterday's post.

Upon looking at the signature on the photo more closely, I have come up with two possible conclusions - one, that Sir Elton John does not cross his T's, or two, someone other than the Rocket Man (I love that song by the way! Jason Mraz would sing it in his live shows and I have a few recordings of those performances, and they're just amazing) actually signed on the photo, and he knows the guy in the photo as "Eldon John".

All jokes aside, I remember having a pleasant time at Fancy Guest House - the rooms were clean and comfortable, especially for its price.

I'm closing this out with a joke I got from a Modern Family episode a few weeks back: what was Elton John's sexual orientation in the 70's?



I think by now, you already know I suck at jokes right? Besides, it was funny when Phil said it! *le sigh*


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