Snapshots: Marilyn Monroe Street Art, Macau

This was the Marilyn Monroe mosaic I mentioned in yesterday's post, which we chanced upon on a random street in a less tourist-y area of Macau - and by less tourist-y, I mean cheap and affordable. We were on a backpacker's budget when we went on our Macau-Hong Kong trip, so we consciously avoided its glitzy and pricey areas and their equally glitzy and pricey hotels.

Someday soon I will also tell you about the tin can of a hostel we stayed at in Mongkok, owned by a guy named Jackie Chan.

No, not the actor Jackie Chan. Somehow, unless you're talking about the bloody Quentin Tarantino movie and its cast, the word "celebrity" and "hostel" just don't fit right in one sentence.

Speaking of "celebrity" and "hostel", I'm reminded of an "autographed" photo of Elton John that was proudly situated, for all to see, right on the signage of the hostel we stayed at in Phnom Penh. According to the hostel owner, Elton John had actually stayed there too, just like us humble backpackers, so we should, like, be totally stoked about it and tell everyone when we get home!

Fact or fiction, it makes for a rather quirky anecdote. And a few more sentences on this post.

I really ought to write a longer, more decent post soon.

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