Snapshots: Mickey's Water Works Parade, Hong Kong Disneyland (circa 2009)

The happiest place on Earth! My friends and I had a ball running around trying to get our pictures taken with the Disney princesses and going crazy in the twirling teacups. We were hoping to spot Prince Charming too, but had no luck. Is there even really a Prince Charming in Hong Kong Disneyland? (Enter the all but necessary hashtag - #StoryOfMyLife).


resident_nutty said...

Apparently the prince that Sheila saw before was Prince Caspian to promote Narnia at that time. Bummer.

Cue "Someday my Prince will Come" with matching voice trills/runs bwahahahha

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

As in a Ben Barnes-looking Prince Caspian? Sucks that we missed it! Hahaha.

Snow White's jams for the win!

hoate said...

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