Snapshots: Banteay Samre, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The road that led to nowhere at the main entrance of Banteay Samre - not the most popular temple in the Angkor Complex, but lovely just the same.

You can read more about Banteay Samre and the other lesser-known temples we visited here.


melvin said...

I love siem reap! i'd love to go back there kasi nagloko P&S camera ko when we went there.please write more about it.i love to read tales from other travelers about the places ive been to.

Daene said...

Thanks for the visit! Ako din, I'd love to go back to Cambodia. I wasn't able to stay long enough in Phnom Penh went we went, and I would love to see more temples in Siem Reap.

I wrote a rather lengthy account of our epic Cambodia trip a while back, hope you can check it out!

Day 1 here:

Day 2 here:

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