Snapshots: Autumn Leaves, Seoul, South Korea

I was fortunate enough to have visited Seoul at around the time when the seasons were about to change, and autumn was slowly transitioning into winter. Very early in the morning on the very first day of our stay in Seoul (the night before which, we were partying it up and experiencing reverse hangovers and the joys of Korean street food in Hongdae), while Rissee was in the shower, Jon summoned me over to the biggest window of his flat, because little flecks of snow were falling from the sky and down to the street below us. It was a lovely little moment from our short but amazingly fun trip, looking out the window from Jon's place and being in awe of the snow, tropical girl that I am. On the same day, into the afternoon as we were taking a self-planned walking tour around the city (thanks to Jon's Lonely Planet guide of Seoul), we chanced upon the tree in the picture, with its beautifully colored autumn leaves and its concrete, urban backdrop of tall buildings.


melvin said...

do you know kung anong best time pumunta sa korea para maka experience ng snow?

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi Melvin! I think to be sure, ideal would be between December and February. If you're willing to go to a ski resort up in the mountains, as early as November, meron na din. It was already super super cold at the ski resort we went to, which was just a few hours away from Seoul, tapos nag-snow nung gabi! As in snowflakes and all, haha. Fond memories. :)

stato said...

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