Snapshots: Cafe Noriter, Dumaguete, Philippines

For nearly a year now I've been into all things Korean thanks to KPop (this from the girl who loves The Virgins, MGMT and Florence the Machine - yeah, I'm a music schizo like that :D). And as fate would have it, a friend is getting assigned to Seoul for three months, so I'm going in November to pay him a visit! So I've been dreaming of Seoul of late, and trolling other travel blogs about where to go and what to do (besides fangirl to death, naturally. You're seeing a totally different side of me aren't you? :P)

Anyway, I keep hearing about this area called Hongdae which apparently is an artsy area in Seoul near a popular campus. Apparently the place is lined with cool clubs and cafes, and on weekends they have flea markets and such. As I was looking at some awesome pictures from Sleepwalking in Tokyo (here and here) I got reminded of this cafe I chanced upon on a random trip to Dumaguete in 2008.

So where Cafe Noriter gets is name from is the Korean word for "playground". The interior of the place was quirky-cute, with pictures and polaroids lining the walls along with books and random trinkets and things - the place had a very Asian pop culture vibe, which to me personally translates as cutesy, light and happy. It was a very feel-good place, and no doubt a favorite hangout of students from the nearby campus.

Apparently Cafe Noriter also has a branch in Manila now, somewhere in Taft Ave. I must definitely check that one out.

And while I'm on the subject, some new KPop videos! For kids who grew up in the 90's like me, these videos will probably remind you of the bubblegum pop era of The Spice Girls and the 1,001 boybands of our youth - except with a 21st century twist, I guess?

Note to Self: On my next post, I must write about (or at least mention) some totally non-commercial, non-mainstream bands so I don't completely lose all my coolness points. But whatever, KPop's fun, and I choose fun over cool (or musically original) sometimes. Haha! :P

Cafe Noriter website:


resident_nutty said...

kinda obsessing on Good Girl Bad Girl lately...always having this impulse to shout "you don't know me!" out loud when i hear it in my ipod. very catchy. not to mention your dream that i broke into dance when i heard the song (that's not a remote possibility!)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Dude, me too! That song is addicting - and the dance as well! I wanna learn it, haha.

Yeah that dream was totally random - we were shopping in some Korean fashion store, the song came on, and you started dancing. Haha! And agree, it isn't unlikely to happen. :)

Hey let's check out the Cafe Noriter in Taft with Edz! Parking would be a bitch though, yes? Let's just take the LRT or something. :)

outonvacation said...

I got my best Korean souvenir from one of the student stalls in these university district. I got a very cute caricature drawn by one of the student, she told me she is studying animation all for 10,000 won which is roughly 400 pesos.

And it's a must catch a NANTA show..
And shop and shop for cosmetics products..affordable and great quality

Shop at SPAO (Korea's answer to Uniqlo) last Spring they were running a line of shirts featuring Super Junior and another K-Pop all girl band (forgot the name)

It's expensive but it's all worth it indulge in dak galbi..truly yum

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi! Thanks for all the suggestions for Korea! I'm really looking forward to go to Hongdae. And yes, shopping shopping shopping! And street food! Really want to try deokkbokki. Do you have any suggestions on which area to go in particular for street food? :)

outonvacation said...

Go to Myeongdong..lots of street food..but most streets especially the university area will have lots of street particular area is famous for it..I think it's Hongik..if I'm not mistaken :) It's so hard to remember the korean words hahaha

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Thanks so much! I'll look those places up. I'm so excited - I hope I get a visa! :)

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