A Guide to San Juan, Laiya, Batangas, Part 3: Cafeño

My last few posts have been about some memorable cafes I've been to, so I thought I'd close out this series with an entry about a lovely cafe from my home province of Batangas.

Cafeño can be found at the heart of San Juan, Laiya's poblacion or town proper, right beside the gas station. It's a portion of a big ancestral house, and the cafe stays true to this with an old-world kind of feel, which I love:

That's my Mom and Dad! :)

My family always stops by here after a day at the beach, and our usual orders are the Adobo Flakes, Eggs Benedict Longganisa(done Filipino-style - on pandesal!) and the Kapeng Barako Ice Cream Sundae:

Apparently their specialty is Churros served with Spanish Cocoa, which sounds really delicious - I ought to try that the next time I visit.

On our beach trips, we usually leave San Juan at around sunset to head home, and on the particular trip when I took these pictures, the light was particularly warm and orange, and it was just perfect for pictures. So I'm throwing this in as the last photo, because I think it's rather pretty, and I'm calling it "Table for One" ('cause I'm cheesy like that :P):

No. 9 Cor General Luna and Rizal St.
San Juan, Batangas, Philippines
Phone (043) 575-5161
Open Monday-Sunday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Cafeño Facebook Page


Honey said...

super like! =) And soo cool you are from Batangas? (I mean your home-town)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Thanks Honey! Yes, I'm from Batangas! Grew up in Lipa, moved to Manila for college and work.

Cafeno is a really lovely place, I kind of miss it! I love how the tables are made of the bottom portion of old sewing machines (you can see it in one of the pictures). :)

Honey said...

oh hello fellow Batanguena =) Yay! I'm from Batangas City though. Grew, lived and studied there and then move here for work.

Nice meeting you fellow Twilighter hihihi =)

And yes to this cafe here..parang masayang puntahan..matawagan na nga taga lipa kong friends =) Thanks for this one =)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Oh wow, it's nice to meet you too! :) You should go to one of our TCP events so we can meet in person! :)

There's also another cafe in Lipa that's nice, my cousin owns it, it's called Shop Around The Corner, you should check it out too!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

food looks yummmmm! :D

Honey said...

oh yes sure I will since I have friends in Lipa too =)

Oo nga sana next time TCP have events I could come. The last time ata was NM's blocked screening. I wasn't able to go to this year's event though. Hope to see you and everyone on TCP =)

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