Travel Buddies! A Series of Snapshots

En route to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I didn't want to end our epic Asia trip in a sullen tone, because really, it was so much fun! And a big reason why it was an insanely hilarious trip was because of the people I traveled with. So I thought our craziest pictures deserved a post. Until our next adventure girlies! Fighting! :D

The futuristic version of the teacup ride at Universal Studios!

The crazy G-Max Reverse Bungy ride with Tiff and Ris!

We ate SEVEN KILOS OF SEAFOOD in Jimbaran, Bali!

Camwhoring at Legian Beach

In Far Far Away at Universal Studios Singapore!

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur


Weekend Haven said...

Awww... there's puss! Makes me want to fly to SG now.

Tom Volpe said...

Great photos! I've enjoyed all of the posts from your Asia trip, hope to see more soon!

Kat said...

i love the photos, so much fun! I hope i get to see Universal Studios soon :)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Weekend Haven: I surprisingly enjoyed Singapore too! Thought it'd be very urban and tourist-y and all, but I actually had a lot of fun! I was really shocked about Orchard Road getting all flooded though. Still, I really wanna go back and shop some more! Haha.

Hi Tom, thanks! Will be putting up more posts in the near future, now that I'm stuck at home, saving up for my next trip, wherever that will be.

Thanks Kat! Yup, you should def. go to Universal Studios soon! But maybe wait for the Battlestar Galactica ride to open - my friends and I are still bitter that we didn't get to ride it! One very good reason to go back to SG soon. :)

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