Snapshots: Sunset in Legian and Babi Guling in Ubud - Bali, Indonesia

Finally, free wi-fi! We're at a restaurant in Legian, Bali right now, surrounded by Aussies who are all watching an AFL match. Tiffy our Australian travel buddy flew out to Sydney last night (have fun at the John Mayer concert dude! Rissee, Jen and I will try to visit you next year, haha!) so there's no one to tell us what they're all cheering about. She did say that the AFL is a mix of football and rugby, though, is that right? I only follow and play tennis, sorry. Team sports kind of scare me. Haha.

Anyway, our five days and four nights in Bali went well! We went to the beach, went snorkeling, visited Ubud, went outlet shopping for Billabong and Ripcurl stuff, and had the EPIC babi guling, that is, spicy roasted suckling pig! Bali's a pretty interesting place - it looks so much like the Philippines, but there's so much about it that's so different from home. I guess that's how all foreign places are though. I've realized from all my trips so far that every place I've visited does remind me of home in one way or another, but that of course, it always has something new to offer too.

We're flying to Kuala Lumpur tonight, and from there, we're getting on a plane back to Manila tomorrow. It's been an epic trip! I can't wait to write about it and post pictures. Maybe I'll do it at the airport tomorrow. For now, here's a picture of the legendary Balinese Babi Guling!


outonvacation said...

It's the indonesian lechon version? I remember an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation where he sampled this dish..looks yummy and cholesterolic hahaha..

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi! Yes, it's the Indonesian version of lechon, very very good, and yes, heart attack-inducing! They also sell just the crispy skin - which we also bought. Haha!

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