Snapshots: Mapawa Nature Park, Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Here's a picture from a trip I had with friends from work - Ayi, J-anne, Jon and Nill. We met when we were fresh grads trying to get into the Management Training Program of the company where four out of the five of us still work today. We went to Camiguin and Cagayan De Oro with a side trip to Bukidnon on one of the most adventure-filled trips of my life so far.

This picture was taken during the trek we did at Mapawa Nature Park, where we were slid off a waterfall (as the picture depicts), told to jump from a 20-feet cliff into cold, deep water, and made to rappel down a waterfall. The experience was exhilirating, the views were amazing, and the entire trip made for a great bonding experience for five yuppies trying escaping the rat race for at least a long weekend.


Mr Whattaworld said...

Wow... This something I wanna do when I go home there sa Pinas this coming holidays. 3 more months to go!!

I was brought up in Cagayan de Oro but would you believe I have never tried that river trekking? I did the zipline though but that was it.

Would you remember how much you paid for it?


Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi! It was definitely a great experience! I got to come back with a different set of friends to do it all over again late last year, and it was still fun the 2nd time around! We also met the owner of Mapawa Nature Park who was a really nice guy, he took us around the property and stuff. :)

I think we paid a little over PhP 1,000 per person, if I remember correctly. Go for it! You need to be at least five people to take the trip I think.

Oh, and the guides were super nice and they really knew what they were doing, so it's not scary at all. :)

dyakilin said...

Rapel sa waterfalls? it looks exciting to do but... the height.. O__O

I'd take rafting anytime though... pero ang taas, 20 feet?? O_O

Hey, more pics please. ^^

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hey Jacke! The rappelling was pretty fun! And even more thrilling was the jump. And of course, rafting was a blast! You haven't been to CDO if you haven't gone rafting I think. :)

I'll write about it soon, I promise! :)

wanderlustingeverywhere said...

I stumble on this blog and I cannot help to comment. I am from Cagayan de Oro. I did the water rafting but I didn't know meron pala rapel sa waterfalls. Next time uwi ko gagawin ko to! Thanks :)

By the way, great blog you have here!

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