Snapshots: Hue, Vietnam

With our Macau-Hong Kong trip over and done with and my Boracay birthday celebration fast approaching - not to mention the handful of other trips I've made over the last two years - I really ought to close the chapter on my Cambodia-Vietnam sojourn from early this year, so I can write about the rest of my travels.

Here's a teaser of my next post, which will be about Hue, Vietnam. On our last day there, right before we flew out to Hanoi, we were herded like sheep on a guided tour of its many temples, which were impressive in their own right, except the "herded tourists" factor (the semi-sleazy guide who kept hitting on us didn't help either) and the expensive admission rates for each of the temples (this took place nearly three quarters into our trip, which meant we were considerably running out of funds) threw us off a bit.

We ditched the tour early - after our third temple I think - but I was at least able to capture some fairly decent photos given the short time we spent at the temples. This is one of my favorites. I liked how the structures of the temples looked with a blue-sky background, so most of my photos from that day captured just that.


Mr Whattaworld said...

This is what I hate about taking a tour in Vietnam... They herd you like sheep and they don't speak good English at all!!

Best way to explore the sights is to do it yourself I believe. It would come out cheaper pa.

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Yeah, absolutely! Guided group tours are pretty awful - unless it's one of Carlos Celdran's Old Manila walks, those are fun! Have you ever tried those? When you visit Manila, you should go to one, it's very insightful and entertaining. :)

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