SanFo Treats Caramel Apples

I was in Glorietta yesterday and passed by a new stall at the Activity Center that was selling a unique treat: caramel apples (or as my kid brother calls them, candy apples). I think it's a pretty common treat in the States but I don't think I've ever seen them sold here, so I was very curious and wanted to try one. I almost didn't, however, because the caramel-dipped, chocolate-covered apples were huge, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish one on my own. My curiosity got the better of me, however, and pretty soon I was heading home with a Cosmo Caramel Apple and a Caramel Smores Popper (forgive the food shots, I've never really taken pictures of food and haven't a clue how to make them look good).

The Caramel Smores Popper is basically a carmel-dipped, chocolate and icing-covered marshmallow with an Oreo cookie on a stick. The caramel and the marshmallow made for a very gooey and delicious treat, which tasted great with the cookie. And because it was a relatively small serving compared to the caramel apple, I didn't have any trouble finishing the entire thing. It was very affordable as well at PhP 20.00.

Now to the major event: the caramel apple. I couldn't choose among the different flavors so I asked the kind saleslady which of them was the bestseller, and she told me it was the Cosmo, which was basically a chocolate-covered caramel apple. At PhP 80.00 the Cosmo cost a bit more than the other caramel apples (most of which cost PhP 50.00), but it looked too good to pass up so I went ahead and bought one. I didn't know how to eat it at first - I didn't want to take a huge bite for fear of making a mess (and it probably also has to do with the fact that I once had braces and biting into stuff like apples was a major no-no). Eventually, however, I forgot about everything and just took a huge bite into the damn thing - and boy was I glad I did! The caramel apple was gooey, crunchy, juicy, sweet (but not too sweet because of the apple), and every bite was a delicious treat.

So the verdict? Although I don't think I'll be eating SanFo Treats' caramel apples on a regular basis, it's great if you suddenly feel the need to satisfy your sweet tooth, or if you want to treat yourself after a job well done or a long hard day at work. And like doing the cannonball in a pool and riding a bike, the best part about enjoying a caramel apple is how it makes you feel like a kid all over again.

SanFo Treats: The Original Caramel Apple

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The Fun Ranch (beside Tiendesitas)
Glorietta (fronting Tag Heuer)
Megamall (fronting Toy Kingdom)


Anonymous said...

Hello Daene,
This is Rochelle, am the product person behind SanFo Treats. Thanks so much for featuring us on your site . Am really glad that you liked the smores poppers and the caramel apple. I hope you get to try the frozen banana next time. My family in San Francisco were the ones that told me about your write up. They were really happy to see that Filipinos love the treats as well. Good luck to you! Thanks again.

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi Rochelle!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Will definitely try more of your products soon - the frozen banana sounds delicious! Good luck on SanFo Treats and thanks again for dropping by :D

Anonymous said...

Last June 23, Rochelle Santiago a.k.a. Mrs. Gerald Javier (they just got married last April thus the business is still under her maiden name) and staff provided a truly splendid dessert corner for my youngest son's seventh birthday celebration - with candy sprinkled caramel apples using the Granny Smith variety, Belgian chocolate fountain with an extensive array of dipping goodies, Hawaiian snowcone station, apple bobbing games and all. This lavish spread really helped to make the event extra memorable, and my wife and I got a lot of raves from guests for it.

Who would have thought I'd end up as a most satisfied customer of SanFo Treats after a rather unpleasant first encounter with one of their store staff (now relieved, I've been told). Perhaps because I was level-headed enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and there's no regrets whatsoever that I did?

To Rochelle: as I've mentioned in our last talk, a good product coupled with great service will speak for itself. Just stay unpertubed by the entry of other players in your field - remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. Plus the competition will work to your advantage by giving your product concept more exposure to your target market. Don't worry about the smear campaign - just do your usual best and let God do the rest.

Besides, you have us your truly satisfied customers to keep them propaganda ghouls at bay, hehe...

lefthandedwonder said...

You know what, I've always wanted to try the caramel apples, when I pass by the Glorietta Branch. Promise. I'll go and try it if I go there one of these days.

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