Seoul Searching: A Photo Journal

Last December I traveled to Seoul, South Korea on my first international solo trip. I spent nearly a week traveling on my own, solely on my own terms, and found myself falling into a routine - every morning I would head to this awesome cafe near my guesthouse to enjoy an unhurried breakfast and ask myself, "hmmm, what do I want to do today?", and start my Seoul searching.

I'll write a proper post about my trip to Seoul one of these days (or weeks, or months), but for now, here's a bunch of photos from the trip which I took on my phone.

My first dinner in Seoul; Saturday night in Hongdae

Street food breakfast!

The quaint tea shop I found in Hongdae...but I forgot to take note of the name of the place! Must look for it again when I go back in August.

The cafe I would spend nearly every morning in; The fancy powder room in Caffe Bene, Gangnam

Pretty storefronts in Garosugil and Samcheongdong 

Grapefruit tea; Beef rib stew

More pictures from Comma Cafe, Hongdae; Oppa studies in style (haha)


More snow!

Subway station hopping; Did you know the underground malls in Seoul serve as bomb shelters too?

Insadong and Myeongdong


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