La Union Soul Surf 2013 feat. RAC, Classixx and Crazy/Beautiful Friends

Had an epic weekend with friends in La Union for Soul Surf 2013! I really wanted to go because of Classixx and RAC, and they were awesome (although I'm still really bummed Classixx didn't play "I'll Get You", like what's up with that?!), but really, the best part of the trip was spending a few days with great friends I’ve missed. Hilarious and random conversations on the road for 5+ hours each way, and of course, all the partying! Was it 7 hours straight? Everyone just kept at it for that long because you know, yolo. Haha.

Anyway, I’m cutting this post short because it’s late, I’m still not over the weekend that was, and I’m still trying to bring my blogging chops back from a month of not posting anything. I’ll be trying to churn out more posts over the long weekend, get my blogging groove back. For now I leave you with pictures.

Were you in La Union over the weekend? How was your experience? Hope you had a blast!

Thanks to Captain Morgan Philippines and Smirnoff Philippines for a great party!

Friends! Photo by Andro

Nix Damn P!

Photo by Mark Go!


Classixx + Captain Morgan = Awesomeness. 

RAC and Classixx!


Taking a break from the festival with a sausage...fest. Haha. They were really good though! Wonder where they sell them in Manila.
Photo by Carlos Dominguez

Praying for the strength to party longer. 

Highlights of the weekend: meeting André Allen Anjos of RAC and crazy friends at the home stretch of Panic City's epic set to close out Saturday night / Sunday morning.

The best part about the super chill drive back to Manila was knowing that we had another day to recharge (and blog!) before we got back to work. Also all the crazy conversations. My friends are awesome. :)

1 comment:

Andro said...

It was such a fun weekend! Lets hang soon! :)

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