Myanmar + Mausi + Travel Video + Last Set of Bagan Photos!

I'm officially out of Myanmar photos to post! These are the last of the lot, and for real this time. I saved them for posting with our Myanmar travel video, which Mabs has dutifully edited, and now it's finally here!

I absolutely love my GoPro Hero2 - Mabs and I each bought one at half-off from Black Friday last year and I really love how the footage turned out, especially the ones from when I would just leave the camera in a corner or on the ground to record random stuff. Mix that up with footage from Mabs' badass Canon EOS camera and play them with Mausi's awesome summer track "sol." in the background and voila, an epic travel video to forever remind us of our awesome trip to Burma.

Even more awesome is how Mausi tweeted me back when I sent them the link to the video, AND they retweeted the link to their followers, and they followed me back! My love for them just increased by about a thousandfold.

Check out the video below, and my last photos of Bagan under the cut!

My fangirl heart is happy! Mausi is awesome! :)

Let's close this out with an official video from Mausi. I had blogged about their single "Move" before, but they recently just got a VEVO account on YouTube and came out with a brand new music video! Their songs are perfect for road trips, good times and good memories.



Super nice photos and special mention to your video. Sana makapunta din ako dito soon!

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Thanks Kirk! Yes you must visit Myanmar soon! Sobrang ganda. :)

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