Myanmar Travel Tips

Traveling to Myanmar is a great adventure you shouldn't miss, and one you should take soon, before it gets crowded with tourists. Read on for a few tips we gained from our recent trip to Yangon and Bagan. I hope these are helpful when you go on your own Burmese adventure!

1. Bring US dollars in mint condition. Make sure they do not have any marks or folds otherwise you won't be able to exchange them for kyat.

2. Wear comfortable clothes but be respectful of the Buddhist dress code. This is especially true if you are planning to visit the Buddhist temples. It can get really hot in Myanmar so it's important to wear light clothing, but for women in particular, it's equally important to be properly covered up and decent.

3. Wear footwear you can easily remove. You’ll be walking around barefoot in the Buddhist temples and leaving your footwear by the entrance. Sandals or flip flops are probably the way to go.

4. Afternoons can get really hot! It's best to chill or relax in your hotel or B&B  at these times. Air conditioned areas in Myanmar are few and far between.

5. Wake up early. You wouldn't want to miss the beautiful Bagan sunrise!

6. When taking a taxi, negotiate for the price first. Taxis in Myanmar don’t have meters. Ask your guest house staff for an approximation of the cab fare for your intended destination.

7. Prepare for a lot of rice. Food options are as of yet limited in Myanmar.

8. When on the road, patience is a virtue. Traffic can get pretty bad, and some cabs do not have working air conditioning.

9. Bring a flashlight, especially if you’re planning to explore Bagan in the early morning or late in the afternoon into the night. Power outages are also still fairly common in Yangon, so you never know when a flashlight can come in handy there as well.

10. Wear an anti-mosquito bracelet. Our Parakito bracelets worked wonders!


LonelyTravelogue said...

Noted!!! Thanks for these tips =)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

You're welcome! Hope they come in handy should you go on your own Burmese adventure :)

Virtual Office said...

Thanks for the great tips!! That’s a good job!!

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

You're welcome! :)

MartenJames said...

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