A Weekend Well Spent at The Circle Hostel La Union

Summer was ending, it was the first weekend of June and I was starting to get busy with my new job when I found myself spending a weekend with strangers-turned-friends at The Circle Hostel in La Union for a much needed break from the city. I had been meaning to check out their first hostel in Zambales but hadn't found the time to do so, so I was more than thrilled to be part of the blogger event they organized for their new branch in La Union.

It was a swell weekend to say the least (pun intended, though there were actually no waves and we weren't able to surf when we were there). My corporate sellout self badly needed the break - the fresh air, the afternoon spent hanging out in the common area talking about random things while listening to Jason Mraz and eating green mangoes freshly plucked from a nearby tree, the random drinking games, the night spent by the beach lying down on the sand looking out for shooting stars, and the chance at meeting new and interesting people. I had been to La Union more than a couple of times prior, but it felt like a new place all over again mostly because of the people I got to hang out with that weekend. The coolest thing was realizing how small Manila is - at The Circle Hostel I spent time with people I had either met before (I was even in a meeting with one of the guys once! Hello Jake! How random is that?) or had random common friends with.  

There's just something about The Circle Hostel that makes it conducive to making new friends. I'm not usually the chatty-chatty type (really, I'm not!) with strangers but during our weekend  in La Union, apart from the bloggers I went with, we also met the guys from GoodLifeCrewPH, and all it took was a few questions about their GoPro gadgets (and they sure had a lot of them gadgets!) and an offer of green mango slices. Two of them, after leaving their jobs in Singapore, are setting out on a journey across the Philippines and documenting their trip with their GoPro cameras. How cool is that? Theirs was just one of the many inspiring stories I heard that weekend about stepping out of ordinary routines and stepping into extraordinary, exciting lives.   

If you're looking for a quick weekend getaway and can't find any friends to take with you, book a bed in The Circle Hostel Zambales or La Union - you would've set out on your own but you'll definitely come back with at least a few friends!

No drugs, just love!

Entrance into the common dorms - no shit and slippers allowed, obviously.


I spent a night in a hammock! When was the last time you did that?

Don't forget to bring a padlock for your things when you stay at The Circle Hostel. I hastily picked up mine at a 7-11 before we left Manila.

The common bathroom


Boys only, haha.

The girls' dorm

Life is better in flip flops!

The common area

When was the last time you sat swung on a swing?

Words of wisdom from previous guests. You can leave your mark too when you visit!

Surf culture at The Circle Hostel

The Circle Hostel - La Union and Zambales


LonelyTravelogue said...

Nice. i would like to spend one of my weekend here just to bum and think about life... (haha drama noh)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

That's exactly what I would do too! Sometimes we all need to reflect on our lives, haha. :)

resident_nutty said...

cool place! hoping i can find some time to just...chill. lol

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

It really is (birthday girl) Mabs! It's your birthday, allow yourself some chillax time!

Steven Johnson said...

Weekend has some specialties in its celebration. It may be with an enjoyable thing. Can you mention the name of some weekend spending places?

Pinky said...

Hi, did you go there solo? BTW, nice photos! :)

MartenJames said...

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