Flashpacking for Females Part 2: Practical Items to Pack for the No-Frills Female Flashpacker


They're not exactly bare necessities - you can definitely travel without them, but the practical items you'll find below can definitely make your trip more comfortable and help keep you looking fresh and presentable even while on the road. In my few years of traveling, I've come to find these items especially handy when we rough it out on long land trips, back-to-back flights and when we stay in hostels and guest houses.

What practical items do you carry around with you at all times during your trips?  


1. Scented wipes

Ever have those moments when your destination requires you to travel non-stop for long periods of time, or when you're stuck at the airport for 12 hours waiting for your flight but don't want to spend on a hotel room, and all you want to do is take a shower, but can't? In these moments, scented wipes can be your lifesaver. They come in really handy if you need to quickly freshen up while in transit. I especially like Happy Teatime Cleansing Wipes by Etude House because they smell really nice and fresh. I find that they're almost always sold out in their stores in Manila, though. With the hot and humid Philippine weather, I guess it's a logical favorite.

2. Eyeliner, Mascara & Sunscreen. 

Three basic items to help you look decent and presentable, and to protect your skin. It’s amazing what a quick sweep of eyeliner and mascara can do to brighten up your face! The sunscreen is especially important if you will be spending long hours outdoors.

3. A scarf or a sarong. 

A multi-functional item you shouldn't go without in any of your trips! It can get really cold in airports and buses and a sarong or scarf can help you keep warm. You can also use them to cover yourself up if you’re going to temples or other sacred places. A sarong can function as a beach towel. Colorful scarves add a dash of style to an otherwise boring outfit. The list of their many uses goes on and on. I particularly like my Headware loop scarf (I got it in multicolor orange - exactly the kind featured in the photo above) because you can wear it in so many ways - as a regular scarf, a veil / bandana, even a bolero!

4. A small purse for your local money. 

Ideally you don’t use the wallet you use at home when you're on a trip. Having a small purse just for your local currency might be a safer bet, and it keeps you from mixing up the local currency with the currency of your home country. 

5. A pair of flip flops. 

This is especially handy if you’re going to the beach. I did name my blog Filipina in Flip Flops, so I obviously wear them all the time when I'm traveling, except maybe in colder countries. They are also useful and a must-bring if you're staying in a hostel or guest house and are using a common shower.


blissfulguro said...

a scarf is really helpful. panlaban sa lamig init at pampabuhay ng outfit :)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

That's so true! Dapat talaga may bitbit akong scarf / sarong when I travel. I hear you can even make it a bag of sorts if you fold and tie it right. Thanks for the comment! :)

Two2Travel said...

+1 on the wipes. Really. It's a miracle product. :))

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Yes, wipes really are a wonder product! Scented ones are even better. :)

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