The People We Meet: The Man Who Gave Away Photos, Samcheongdong, Seoul

I love meeting people when I'm on the road. Some end up being single-serving friends, the kind you sit beside on a 2-hour flight and never meet again. Then there are those you end up befriending on Facebook, the kind you keep in touch with occasionally. Whatever the circumstances, wherever the place, however brief the moment shared, I love meeting people who leave an impression on me.

We were nearing the end of our trip to Seoul and were walking along beautiful Samcheongdong when we chanced upon him - a Korean gentleman with his messenger bag, camera in hand and a photo printer by his side, right in the middle of the street. He offered to take our photos and print them for free. Apparently, he spent all day doing exactly that - taking pictures of passersby, printing them and giving them away for free.   

We asked him why he did what he did, and in his broken English he attempted to explain something about making people happy. Simple and sweet.

All the photos he took of us

One of the best things about traveling is meeting people who remind you of life's simple pleasures, and the kindness that is found and shared in random places and random moments wherever you are in the world.  

Who are the most memorable people you've met in your travels?

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