Gustare Kitchen: Our Secret In The City

I love coming to Gustare Kitchen for lunch, especially if it's been a particularly stressful day / week at work and I need some comfort food. Hidden behind The Goose Station in the relative outskirts of Bonifacio Global City, There are no signs outside W Tower (the building where it is located) to let people know it exists. Which is why I like to think of Gustare Kitchen as our little secret in the city. 

In Gustare, there is only one long table for guests, but they have a massive refrigerator with all their food and an equally massive kitchen. I think they mostly do pick-ups and maybe deliveries, and because its location is rather secluded, walk-ins are relatively seldom.  

We usually have the place to ourselves when we visit, which I love. We don't even see a written menu anymore (I'm not even sure they have one) - we just look into the fridge to see what's available, order, and then they'll heat your orders up for you. 

Lamb Kaldereta, Arroz ala Cubana, and Baked Macaroni

Vongole Sauce (a favorite!) and Vegetable Lasagna

Spinach Dip and Smoked Fish Pate

Oriental Dressing and Classic Vinaigrette

My absolute favorite dish from Gustare is the Callos. Some other faves are the Beef Stroganoff and the Pot Roast. For pasta dishes, we always order the Vongole Sauce.

Gustare also offers different pastries and cakes! Try the "Impossible Cake" - a colleague once said it was like "a rainbow in his mouth". Haha.

Try this Santol Bagoong with boiled okra or other vegetables - it's surprisingly good!

Gustare Kitchen
Unit D Ground Floor of W Tower,
39th St., North Bonifacio Triangle
Fort Bonifacio


Benj said...

Nice find! I live nearby so I'll check out this place real soon. :D

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Do try it Benj, and let me know what you think! It's a great place to visit if you're at home but too lazy to prepare a meal. :)

Thanks for visiting the blog!

sought said...

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