5 Travel-Inspired Gift Ideas

Among friends, I'm known as the one who likes to travel. A lot. When meeting with friends I haven't seen in a long time, I'm asked "So where is your next trip?" as much as I'm asked "How have you been?". So I figured that this Christmas, it was about time I gave my loved ones something that could help me pass on to them my love for travel, and something that they would remember me by. It also got me thinking about some wonderful travel-inspired presents I've received from friends in the past. So here are some travel-inspired gift ideas for travelers and soon-to-be-travelers alike.

1. A Custom-made Tour

Last year I got a really cool Christmas present from Mark, who planned and prepared what he called "a cultural and culinary day tour" of Chinatown in Binondo. Needless to say, I was extremely touched by his thoughtful gift and all the effort it took him to prepare it. You can do the same for your friends, but if you don't have enough time to plan your own trip, you can avail of the entertaining and insightful tours of Walk This Way by Carlos Celdran and Old Manila Walks by Ivan Man Dy.

2. Travel-inspired Notebooks and Stationery
I went Christmas shopping on the last day of the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar last week and chanced upon these great finds. They're perfect if you're giving gifts to a lot of people, because they're affordable, and with the right quantity, you can even get a discount!

3. Quirky Luggage Tags 

I love receiving luggage tags as presents, and I can never seem to get enough of them. I got these from Regalong Pambahay and I just absolutely adore them!

4. Travel Books
I have a label on this blog with the title "Armchair Travel", for all those books that allow me to visit strange and faraway places without leaving the comfort of my own home. Why not give the same privilege to your loved ones this Christmas?

l-r: The Best of Lonely Planet Travel Writing; The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey by Ernesto Che Guevara

l-r: A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle; Travel to Korea in Kpop / Kdrama Style by littlemisshoo

5. A Travel Soundtrack
No trip is complete without a soundtrack, and it's a great gift for friends who are going on trips or those whom you want to inspire to go places. Let me get you started with a few of my favorites:

Phoenix - Rome

Phoenix - Too Young

Divine Fits - Like Ice Cream

Jason Mraz - No Stopping Us

Esthero - Everyday is a Holiday (With You)

For more gift ideas, Journeying James has an excellent post on 36 Gift Suggestions For Your Adrenaline Junkie Friends. Happy Christmas shopping!


blissfulguro said...

thise notebooks are so coool. at nag-hoard ka talaga ha :)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hello! Yes super okay nila. And yes, ang dami kong binili! Panic buying level, hehe. Super affordable kasi! Discounted na siya when I got them since it was the last day of the bazaar. :)

Thanks for the visit! :)

Missy Banaria said...

So cool, Bane!! :)

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Thanks busy Missy! Happy holidays! :)

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