Snapshots: Me, Backpacking in Hanoi, Vietnam

Tomorrow night I will be off on another Indochina adventure, this time in Laos, backpacking with good friend Jen whom I haven't seen in more than a year. I long for the uncomplicated life of a backpacker - of having your life conveniently stuffed in a backpack, devoid of unnecessary possessions and only crammed with what matters most. It's probably ironic, but I find that when one travels, the simple act of strapping on a backpack unburdens the traveler. Yes, one is forced to literally carry his life on his shoulders, but in doing so, he is also forced to let go of things he once thought important but really weren't. In effect, one is able to see his life and the things and people that complete it in a new light. Living away from home with a backpack not only provides momentary escape, but also possibly a clean slate.

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goodluck with your backpacking! Take care and take a lot of photos! <3

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