Snapshots: Cass Beer, Hongdae, South Korea

Happy Easter! For my Lenten sacrifice this year, I chose to gave up any and all forms of alcohol, which means I've been sober for over a month. Hurray! It was surprisingly easy to give up alcohol, actually, despite the beach trips and dinner-and-drink get-togethers I've been to over the past six weeks, including that dinner with Ris and Mabs at Orale where we dined on burritos and quesadillas, and having a frozen margarita on the side seemed like the perfect idea (Ris and Mabs were kind enough to not order any margaritas for themselves that night, even if I insisted that I would be fine. I owe you guys a round next time we meet!), and our chance discovery of "porkylicious" Floring's with Dan, Mark and Emil, a modern day reunion of the Jalgeum Quartet (except I'm not obliged to pretend to be a guy even though they have a propensity to treat me like one, and I'm pretty sure none of us will end up together like in Sungkyunkwan Scandal). It was also somewhere in the middle of lent when I made a startling discovery - turns out, they've already started selling my favorite beer, Hoegaarden, in the supermarket where I usually do my groceries. Temptation in the form of a delicious Belgian brew and better availability and distribution.

You'd also be surprised to know that while it is Easter and officially the end of Lent, I don't feel the need to down any form of alcohol, surprisingly. Unexpectedly, "detox just to retox", in the words of Fall Out Boy, doesn't seem to be the theme today.

Anyway, there's a little over a day left before the long holiday ends in the Philippines, make it count you guys!

One last thing! The beer in the picture - Korean Cass beer, I quite like it too, it has a mild taste which makes it quite a girly beer, in my opinion. Read about our adventures with Cass and Hoegaarden in Hongdae on our first night in Seoul here.

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