Food Trips: Korean Food at Minato, Ortigas

I said in a previous entry that I would write a full post about our Korean food trip in Ortigas a few weeks back, so here goes!

Minato is a Korean restaurant along Escriva Drive which is part of this entire lot of Korean establishments - you won't miss it, the handful of signs in Hangul are a dead giveaway (but in case you need more landmarks, it's the joint of establishments immediately beside Millenia Tower). My friends and I went to college in UA&P, which is around the area, so we were pretty familiar with the place.

Speaking of friends, meet Mabelle and Edell, who got me into the crazy fun that is KPop (it all started when we went to Hong Kong, but that's for a whole other blog post):

You've seen this one before:


Even better: kimchi pancake! They give them for free at Minato, but sometimes, you just have to remind the waitresses to serve you some.

A few of the million side dishes they served with the main food...

Korean barbecue. You wrap the lettuce around the meat and put the red sauce and a bunch of other stuff, as desired.

Pineapple for dessert! But we were really so full from everything else, we didn't get to eat much of it.

We ordered japchae too, which was really really good, and it must've been so good that I forgot to take a picture...we also had a bottle of soju, and that was pretty damn good too, so I also don't have a picture (haha). Also, after dinner we had Melona ice cream from the Korean convenience store across Minato, which was really creamy and delicious!

We spent a little over PhP400 per person for the whole meal, which I think was a pretty fair price considering how much we ate and how good the food was. I'm not familiar with a lot of Korean places in Manila, but from what we experienced and what I've heard from other people, Minato is probably one of the best places to have authentic Korean food in the city, so it's definitely worth a visit.


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I noticed plenty of Koreans living in the Philippines - is this the advent of Koreatown in the archipelago?

resident_nutty said...

the fact that there's a lot of Koreans eating there already commends the place. or well actually, there are a LOT of koreans in the area anyway...LOL

shucks nagugutom na naman ako, we have to go back there again!

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

The Nomadic Pinoy - yeah, there's been a surge of Koreans in the Philippines of late. I think they come here to study English most of the time.

Mabz: Yup! That's true. I so want the japchae! And the ice cream!

Between Bites said...

Hello! :)

Nice post on Minato :) I'm doing my entry this week. Was gonna ask if I can grab the first photo of the dining area and use it on the site? Will credit your site :)

Please let me know. Thanks!


Between Bites


Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hi Janey! Thanks for the visit. And yes you may use the image - thanks for the credit! :)

Anonymous said...

hi.. may i know what the operating hours of minato are? thanks!

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