Snapshots: Hanoi, Vietnam

Flowers from the rubble along one of the streets near the hotel we stayed in at Hanoi, Vietnam. Dramatic, don't you think?


Mr Whattaworld said...

Wahhh, I miss Hanoi... Got the chance to visit this when I was still based there in the Philippines, we took one of the last few flights from Cebu Pacific before it got discontinued.

Pretty nice place I would say, more laid back and relaxed as compared to Saigon (which I will be visiting again this weekend!)

Happy traveling!!

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

Hey Marvin! Hanoi is a great place! I like that merchant streets lined with shops that sell similar things, like there's a fashion street and a crafts street and all that. :)

If you really want laid back, you should visit Hoi An, also in Vietnam! It's only an hour flight from Saigon :)Have fun in Saigon btw! :)

resident_nutty said...

wow...really makes you wonder the story behind those flowers....did someone get dumped?

Isis said...

Intriguing photo...Flowers from the Rubble is also the title of a book by my fave Inquirer columnist - Conrado de Quiros. :D

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

@Mabz: Yeah,maybe someone did get dumped! We'll never know :)

@Isis: Really? It's also actually the title of the blog of one of my favorite professors from college. :)

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