Farewell 2010, Cheers 2011!

This is coming to you all a bit late, my apologies - I was preoccupied on New Year's as my family spent it at the beach!

Anyway, onward to the customary year-end post, to bid goodbye to 2010 and usher in a new year. Four countries, a handful of amazing travel buddies, and too many awesome memories to count - it was a great and memorable year of travel, one I won't soon forget! To Mabs, Eds, Carms, Ris, Tiff, Jon, J-Anne, Jona and Bom - friends who travel are friends for keeps, so thanks so much for all the travel memories, and here's to more trips in 2011!


Pinoy Boy Journals said...

cheers to more trips for you and your friends this 2011!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

More travels this 2011! Will watch out for your Korea series! :)


David said...

Good luck in the new travel

Daene | Filipina in Flip Flops said...

This is massively late, but since it's Chinese New Year tomorrow, I guess this is still sort of appropriate - happy new year and thanks so much for the kind words and well wishes! Cheers to more travels! :)

Rodel Gideon said...

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Anonymous said...

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